A few of my clients have requested purchasing one of my Schirok Hard Bodies womens black cap sleeveT-Shirts. I placed an order! They will be here before Christmas! T-Shirts sizes are S, M, L, and they cost $25 each. Order yours today!


I was chosen as the Future of Fitness Girl for this month by Oxygen magazine. Oxygen is another great site for information for my clients.


Join me on, It is a great site to build support and learn more about fitness and nutrition.


  • Lifestyle Nutritional Guidance
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Body & Image Transformation
  • Competition Preparation

Schirok Hard Bodies believes in changing one body at a time. Lisa's passion is working with those individuals looking to live a fit, healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is stepping out on stage at a fitness show, losing weight, building muscle or improving your current fitness level; Lisa Schirok will customize a program that's right for you.

Although Lisa has coached numerous clients to the competitive level, her most fulfilling accomplishments are the physique transformations resulting from the combination of exercise and nutritional guidance. As a former collegiate level athlete with a physical education degree, Lisa has the knowledge and experience to guide her clients towards their goals. Life-long fitness is a journey, not just a destination.

Each program is tailored to the individual needs of the client. The journey begins with nutritional guidance and physical training support. Schirok Hard Bodies has helped clients achieve unimaginable results and get in the best physical shape of their lives. Her clients develop a mental toughness by building their inner confidence while attaining personal goals.

Lisa continues her own learning by connecting with the finest fitness trainers and coaches in the industry. To demonstrate she can 'walk the talk'; Lisa has competed several times with a variety of organizations. She has also judged fitness and bodybuilding competitions several times. Lisa has the commitment to enhance the well being of others.

As part of the complete transformation journey, Lisa has developed a network of related services including; photographers, hair and make-up, skin care, wellness services, and wardrobe design to capture and celebrate the successful results.

This is your life. If you are not satisfied with where you are, then take the next steps to change it. Break free of dwelling on your past limitations. Time for action. Make the decision to start your own journey and transformation. Schirok Hard Bodies can make those goals and dreams a reality.



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