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Joy Gloer has been my family's massage therapist for the past few years. I used to see her only when my body was out of whack but over this past year I have set up regular appointments bi-weekly to help keep my body in tune. This form of therapy I have found to be one of the greatest supports for stress relief. Joy has offered $10 off a session price to any of my clients. Please take a moment to read through her very informative blog. Thank you Joy!

In Touch Wellness

I am steadily approaching my eighth year as a massage therapist and that means I have had the privilege of working with many different bodies and those bodies have come in all shapes, sizes and conditions. There is one common thread that links each and every treatment I have ever done and that is that all of those bodies were human. In other words, every person I have ever worked with has experienced pain and stress both of the physical and emotional varieties, they have struggled with a wide variety of addictions, goal achievements and disappointments, and each and everyone required support with all of the ups and downs life tends to throw at us! So there you go, I guess there is more certainty in this life then death and taxes!

When you are going through a body transformation it is much more complicated than simply eating right and exercising frequently. It is about creating a deep-seated change in the way you approach your life. It means creating new thought patterns about your own self worth. This means that you will be required to release all of the negative, self abusive patterns you once had about yourself. And once that release has begun, you need to create new thoughts and habits around all of the good things you deserve and are capable of doing for yourself. This is HUGE! This requires SUPPORT!

What you are really doing when you set a goal like losing weight and getting fit is you are beginning to create balance in your life, a true sense of wellbeing. Congratulations! This is probably one of the most exciting things you could ever do for yourself and it will impact the way the rest of your life unfolds. Creating a balanced life means that you are committed to living. No more rolling out of bed just to go through the motions of existence; you are creating a life that means that your inner beauty and your outer beauty are living out loud and in synchronicity with one another. You will be a force!

But as I mentioned earlier, this is HUGE and you will need SUPPORT! When we start off in the pursuit of any goal, we have a very strong momentum and this is fabulous. Unfortunately, the more momentum we have, the harder we hit when we fall down, and we all fall down, that's what makes us human.

You may have a rough few days at work and turn to carbs for your stress relief instead of your work out, maybe you're working out on a day where you were exhausted to begin with and you injure yourself, or maybe you're the same as the rest of us and just need to feel like you're not alone when you are venturing in to uncharted territories. This is where it is so crucial to have your team around you. Find yourself a fitness coach that you feel SO comfortable with, one that you will be able to share all of your success with and someone you can confess all of your sins to and still show up for your next session. Then find yourself a new form of stress relief such as a massage therapy. Find a therapist that will be able to help alleviate your day to day physical tension, someone who has the skills to help prevent you from injuring yourself and ideally someone you can trust, making it easy to de-stress, relax and cope better with all of life's stuff. Surround yourself with good people and good things and you will find that it becomes easier to make good choices for yourself because after time you will see that you are really good and you deserve all the good you can get your little hands on!

We all fall down guys; the difference is that now you will get back up because of the support team you are going to build yourself. I invite you to visit and check out some of my earlier blog posts on topics such as weight loss, stress relief and pain management. If you are interested in creating a support network in your pursuit of balance then give me a call or email me so that we can chat, explore your goals and set up a system that works for you!

Wishing you wellness, Joy Gloer

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